T. Nagar

400 Degree Barbecue (400F), T. Nagar

My friend’s team had planned a Friday dinner at 400 Degree Barbecue (400F) place couple of weeks back. Since friends and family were invited, my friend had called me and I joined them for dinner. I wish I hadn’t. In fact, I wish they hadn’t chosen this place for dinner.

From the beginning, it was a complete fiasco from the service side. The booking had been made couple of days back and roof top was specifically requested.

The booking was again confirmed on the morning and rooftop availability was again confirmed.

But alas, when we went there, the floor in charge refused to open the rooftop citing It might rain/We don't open rooftop/It'll be hard for you to eat outside and all that. When we insisted, he refused on our face and told we can only eat inside.

But we couldn’t even contemplate that choice since ours was a fairly medium sized group (About 30 or so people) and they said they couldn’t give us joined tables inside, and we cannot move freely inside either. Oh and they didn’t really have that many tables available to take us all in. We had booked for 7 PM, and this went on till 7.25 PM. Then we had to create a fuss, which brought the manager, who tried to repeat what the floor in charge said, but after learning that we’re not without options and we were planning to cancel the entire reservation and move out if rooftop wasn’t available, he agreed to open it (They advertise rooftop and it’s availability in case you, as the reader didn’t know that)

So, when we finally got to start, it was almost 7.45 PM, a full 45 minutes after our reservation time.

Now for the food (I’m just recounting what I remember):

Welcome Drink: Blue Syrup that tasted worse than Benadryl. Give me Benadryl any day please. At least it makes me sleep.

Chilly Potato Fingers: Okish

Roti with something like vada, to be rolled and consumed (Excuse my ignorance please): Decent item, perhaps one of the only ones in menu


Cauliflower Tikka: Medicinal – Tasted like someone had cleaned it with the rub-in hand disinfectants used by doctors

Paneer Tikka: Bland, wasn’t marinaded properly. One of the worst tikkas I’ve ever had.

Pineapple: I was so looking forward to this, being a Pineapple fan, but I had to hate Pineapples for few weeks after this fiasco. Disaster is putting it mildly.

Main Course – I stayed out of this dangerous course after learning my lesson from starters. Others weren’t so lucky.

Desserts: Below average. Only good thing I could remember was, well, umm, no, I don’t remember anything good out of the desserts. Oh I did try these: Tasteless Jalebi, Payasam, Halwa, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Carrot Sponge Cake, Brownie, and Mousse.


Taste: 2/5
VFM: 0.5/5 (At Rs. 580 for the Veg fare, it wasn’t worth even half that)
Cost: 0.5/5
Quantity: N/A (It’s unlimited buffet, not that you would want to try it)
Service: 0.5/5

Overall: 1/5 (Rounded to nearest whole number)

400 F (Degree) BBQ, T. Nagar

  • The Dessert - Part 0.5

  • Jalebi la taste missing

  • Jalebi la taste missing

  • Brownie????

  • Carrot Sponge Cake

  • Halwa

  • Halwa

  • Mousse

  • Gulab Jamun

  • Strawberry Cheese Cake without much sweet

  • The Dessert - Part 1

  • Oh, Payasam?

  • Bland Paneer Tikka

  • They tasted like nothing

  • 'Medicinal' Cauliflower

  • 'Medicinal' Cauliflower

  • Veg Starters

  • Roti with something like vada. One of the decent things in menu

  • Chilly Potato

  • Blue Syrup

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