Atchayam Foodbox, Koyambedu

​Though I’ve read about Atchayam foodbox a  few times(Courtesy: Foodie groups like Chennai Food Guide, United By Food etc. in Facebook), I didn’t have the time to go here.

​Today, while returning home, the heavy traffic near Koyambedu pushed me closer to this place. Being the foodie I’m, I decided to try this place out and made the turn.

It really is automated as the sources claim. Except for a lady who takes care of the hygiene and another person who provides assistance to people who needs it, there was no one else. 3 counters with a touch screen and card reader in each.

​Touch the screen, choose the food, swipe the card, sign on the screen, print the slip, your food will be in your hands within a minute. The heat lasted for the next 30 minutes which was the time taken by me to reach home, refresh and finish it up.

It was a Veggie Paratha Combo, which had Veg Kothu Parotta, a small piece of Plaintainpith Vada, Cooked veggies and a gravy.
​They had also given a cup of onion raita and 2 packs of aftermints, tissues, a spoon and a fork. A ready to go package.

​​Except for the gravy, the rest were quite decent.

Who is this for?

​Atchayam Foodbox is definitely worth giving a try once. But unless you’re in a hurry, you’d be better off without it.
​But it’s definitely a great gift to those who are travelling. As a person who has travelled from CMBT(both public and private terminus) a lot in the past 5 years, I know how hard it is to find decent, hygienic food around the place that doesn’t cost you valuable time and money.

​Atchayam can solve those problems. It takes barely 2 minutes, 5 minutes if the user isn’t very comfortable with touch kiosks. The same food will take you a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes in a decent hotel. Next time you take a bus from the private terminus, do try this place. It’s near the Vinayaka temple, about 20 feet from the entry point of the terminus.

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