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Culmination of Tastes at Tasteation, Kilpauk

Cheesy Paneer Tikka - Tasteation
Written by Krupa

A Visit to Tasteation

Tasteation was amongst the crème de la crème of our “To eat” list and one fine Saturday afternoon we kick started our Batmobile and landed here.

A warm, breezy place splattered with greenery and a rusty old’ park bench welcomed us. We parked our reliable vehicle and went inside only to be directed to the first floor by the friendly stewards in their bakery below. The place had a fusion look with bright walls covered in modern art on three sides and a beautiful brick wall on the other. A secluded Hookah room that had full bang desi makeover was also a part of Tasteation. 

I was drooling over their beautiful menu book while my companion decided for the two of us and ordered Indie Fondue, Cheesy Paneer Tikka, and a Mushroom Bhutta Kebab. There is a reason why I never doubt his judgment. I was looking at the group of noisy teens making their way through their food and conversation while the stewards stood looking at us, with their warm smiles. Our food arrived in ten minutes, and I shut down the world beyond my plate.

A Foodalicious Experience

Cheesy Paneer Tikka was a delicacy generously dipped in cheese and tikka-ed. It was mild, smelled beautiful and tasted fantastic.

The Mushroom Bhutta Kebab was super delicious with succulent Mushrooms stuffed with a mouth- watering filling.

Best of the lot was Tasteation’s Indie Fondue – we had instant foodgasm when it arrived. Slowly heated creamy, thick fondue had a delightful aroma that entrapped us, and we got lost in it. We had a plate of assorted Indian Bread to go with the fondue. Every bite we had was a bit of instant gratification. I am the kind of person who thinks candle light dinners are thousand times more romantic if there is a fondue sitting on top of the candle. It was like a dream coming true

We wiped our bowl clean and against our better judgment went for a Phirni. We always fall for the word Phirni. It had dried rose petals for garnish, which looked beautiful. The gastronomical element sadly wasn’t that great. It was a bit of a letdown.

For the 1100 bucks we paid, It was a marvelous experience, and I would give Tasteation a 4.5/5!

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