Anna Nagar

Doner Castle, Anna Nagar

This review is for our visit few weeks back.

It was a lazy afternoon when we decided to try out this place, over Pasta Bar Veneto. We were greeted politely by the persons here, who also helped us with our orders. We ordered for a thin crust pizza, veg pasta, mushroom omelette, vitamin drink and a jaljeera juice, paneer tikka.

Pasta: Pasta was ok. I would not say over the top or very bad. It was ok.

Pizza: Maybe I’ve had too much of conventional pizza to appreciate this one. The taste was good, but the crust was bad. They said they prepare their dough and make their own crust. But I would rather call it as a Papad pizza rather than a thin crust pizza. The crust was that thin. In fact, I’ve had Masala Papads as thick as this crust. Again, taste was good.

Drinks: I’ve no complaints on this department. They were good.

Mushroom Omelette: I didn’t taste this, but my companion who did, said this one wasn’t up-to the mark. Apparently the taste was very bad. And it made them sick later on the day, with puking for couple of hours.

(Note: This was the reason I put off writing the review for few weeks, so that I can write an unbiased one).

Paneer Tikka: This was the spoiler for me. The quantity was good, but it tasted very bad. Being a huge fan of Paneer, I was disappointed.

French fries were served with the tikka and the omelette. They tasted well.

The only thing that impressed us was the service. They were polite and kept on asking us for our opinions and looking for ways to improve.

Though the quantity was good, I felt the items were overpriced as the taste was not up to the mark.


Overall rating:

Quantity: 4 / 5

Taste: 2.5 / 5

Cost/VFM: 2.5 /5

Service: 4 /5

Ambience: 3 / 5

Total: 3.2 / 5

Will I try it again? Perhaps after a few months. They seemed to be open to feedback and open to improvement. So, perhaps in a few months, we’ll try them again.

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