Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), Velachery(Phoenix Mall)

I’ve wanted to try Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) since the time they opened here. But I was always spoken out of it by my companion, until today. We originally went to try Sphagetti Kitchen or Noodle Bar whichever was open. Sadly, both of them were closed today. So, we ended up on HRC by chance and I talked her into joining me here.

We were greeted cordially at the entrance and were given the choice of our table.

Mr. Ashok greeted us with a friendly smile on his face, explained to us about HRC a little bit and even suggested some mocktails for us. Even through the course of our dinner, he visited us often, to check if there was anything we needed and if we were comfortable with the food served. His hospitality really impressed me and left a decent impression of HRC on my mind.

Being a fan of light music, I found that I was quite comfortable with the rock music being played, as they knew which ones to play and the perfect ambience to maintain there. A big OK on that side as well.

Oh yes, the food, I almost forgot about it, as there isn’t much worth a mention. We really enjoyed the Electric Iced Tea. Even my companion who generally despises soda, loved it. Then we had the Santa Fe Spring Rolls. They were simply awesome ! I loved what we had so far. But it ended there.

I feel I must have chosen the wrong items or it was simply a bad day, after going through Kritaj’s review for HRC. I had the Tex Mex Mac and Cheese Pasta with Cottage Cheese and the HRC Veggie Burger.

While the quantity was sufficient for two people, the taste was below average, considering what we were paying for them.

When I ordered the pasta, I wasn’t aware that it would be literally cheese with some pasta pieces in it. Because that’s what it was. Too bland and too cheesy. Definitely not the way Indians like their food. We prefer at least some salty/spicy flavor.

The burger? Well, I guess I’ll never try a HRC burger again. I’m not a fan of squash, so if my opinion can be considered unfair, I would say that my friend who doesn’t mind them. found the burger bad as well. HRC has a lot of catch up here in Chennai with their burgers.

The bill came for RS. 1866, of which Rs. 446 was SC + ST + VAT. I personally felt it was 2.5 times the rate it should have been.

Quantity: 4/5

Taste(Main Course): 1/5

Taste(Mocktails and Starters): 4/5

Cost/VFM: 1/5

Service: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Overall: 3.0/5

Would I go there again? I might. But when I do, I’ll just have a mocktail, maybe taste their desserts and leave it at that. Definitely a no for the main course.

Would I recommend? Maybe yes. If you’re looking for a place with a nice ambience, friendly managers and rock music making up a part of the ambience, I would definitely recommend this place. If you’re hungry and looking for a place to eat great food, then you’ll be better somewhere else.

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