Anna Nagar Mylapore

Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore

Tried the Weekend Buffet at Hotel Saravanan Bhavan in Mylapore and Anna Nagar.

I must really say HSB has now hit on something VFM !

This is the Menu Spread for the buffet:

1 Welcome Drink
2 varieties of Soups
3 varieties of starters(One of them will mostly be based on Vada)
Tandoori Roti
Plain Naan
2 varieties of Indian Gravies
2 varieties of Chinese Gravies
1 Biriyani
1 Fried Rice
1 Noodles
Pizza(On order)
Plain Rice
Curd Rice
3 varieties of Salads
Bread Variety with Butter
Idly(On order)
Dosai(On order)
Uthappam(On order)
Assorted Sweets
Assorted Pastries(Some 2 – 3 varieties of them)
Ice Cream
Coffee(On order)
Tea(On order)

Cost for the Buffer: Rs. 300 per person
VFM: Totally! Ofc it’s an unlimited buffet, so it’s total VFM
Taste: As is the general standard by HSB, the overall Buffet rocked in taste.

My View:

It’s a great move by HSB now,in their attempt to set straight their falling standards. This is the usual HSB Food delivered at a lower cost. And being mostly self-service(Except for Welcome Drinks, Soups and the On Order items, which are served on the table), there’s no question of poor or rude service here. In other words, it’s worth every paisa of the Rs.300 we are shelling out.

Only sad thing is it’s only a Weekend Buffet and is subject to availability of the Party halls. If someone books the HSB Party halls for the weekend, then the buffet is not available on that particular branch.

I went there both days and was totally satisfied with it both the times(except for a minor flaw yesterday, where the Naan was little too cold and rubbery. They were ready to replace it, but me and my friend were almost full, so said no thanks). My friend particularly enjoyed the Dal yesterday. And I enjoyed my favorite Paneer Tikka. After all, it’s an unlimited buffet 😀 😀 😀

Do try it out foodies.

Ratings for the HSB Buffet:

Cost: 5/5 Total VFM
Ambience: 4/5
Service: Not Applicable
Taste: 4/5

Overall(For the Buffet): 4.5

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