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Kettle, Anna Nagar

So, I was coming back from work last week, got completely drenched in the rain and was very hungry. Nearer to my home, I took a small detour and ended up on Kettle. I wish I had gone there earlier now. I’ve been missing out on a great place for a long time.

Now let’s get to the review.

My order consisted of a Creamy Fusilli with Mushroom, Scones Combo and an Organic Kala Moti.

Creamy Fusilli with Mushroom: This is the usual mushroom fusilli pasta, with some added cream. It tasted food(nothing to rave about) and started me on the path towards a full tummy 😛

Scones Combo: This is the first time I’m having Scones, so can’t compare them. But I liked what they had to offer.

Organic Kala Moti: Now this, this I can rave about all I want. Being a Tea fanatic, I loved every sip of this divine blend from Kettle. For Rs. 80, the quantity offered is humongous. I had two cups of this and there was still some more left over in the Kettle(may be for another cup). It’s total VFM !

Service: The stewards were polite, friendly and very helpful. As I was here for a relaxing dinner, I didn’t mind much about the time taken. The entire course took around an hour and considering that I was having my meals at a turtle pace, I think the service can be marked as prompt as well.

Overall rating:

Quantity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Cost/VFM: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Total: 4 / 5

Kettle, Anna Nagar

  • Shakers

  • Scones Combo 4

  • Scones Combo 3

  • Scones Combo 2

  • Organic Kala Moti 3

  • Organic Kala Moti 2

  • Scones Combo 1

  • Organic Kala Moti - Milk

  • Organic Kala Moti 1

  • Creamy Fusili with Mushroom 3

  • Creamy Fusili with Mushroom 1

  • Creamy Fusili with Mushroom 2

  • Ambience 4

  • Ambience 3

  • Ambience 2

  • Farfalle Pasta with Pesto !!!

  • Farfalle Pasta with Pesto !!!

  • Peach Iced Tea

  • Farfalle Pasta with Pesto !!!

  • Sweetners

  • Ambience 1

  • Ambience 5

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