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Mama's Homemade Chocolate Cake

Note: A fellow foodie buddy got an invite to try out Mamagoto in Nungambakkam couple of days back, and he invited us in turn to try it out. The dishes were on the house, but the opinion expressed here is my own.

For the new comers, Mamagoto is located in KNK, a uber-premium locality in the super premium Nungambakkam, and their ambiance as well as pricing reflects that. It isn’t without reason that KNK, Nungambakkam is called as the Times Square of Chennai. 

6 of us from 6 different corners of Chennai assembled at different times catching flight/bike/helicopter as applicable to reach Nungambakkam on time (Though I reached around 40 mins late, thanks to not catching a helicopter on time)


We mostly went with the steward’s suggestions for the dishes, pitching in only when a specific starter/drink caught our attention.

I would be reviewing the dishes that I tried personally (Which is quite big I assure you ! )

Virgin Sangria – Apple – A whiff of alcohol, though the drink is non-alcoholic, this one was pleasant on the tongue and throat and set the record going for Mamagoto

Oriental Clear Vegetables Soup – Typical Clear Soup, liked it

Hua Hin Highway Rolls – Imagine spring rolls. Now imagine someone stuffed cheese into them. Excited? Imagine now, that these are somewhat softer, less oily, but crispy Spring rolls, with the lovely flavor of stuffed cheese and less of that usual onion flavor that makes it taste more like onion samosa. Impressed? I personally was floored by this dish, since that’s how it was. My friends enjoyed this one as well, so much so that we requested for a second helping of this.

Vegetable Basil Cups – This one a special for the diet conscious and naturally I took only a small portion of it and didn’t enjoy it as I feel watching diet is a sin worthy of hell.

Beach Shack Soya Garlic Robata Marinade Assorted Mushrooms – Ok I was the one who ordered this dish, and unfortunately, it didn’t suit my palate as it was quite bland. Heard it was supposed to be like that, as their marinade contains only Garlic and nothing else.

Street Vendor’s Panang Curry Bowl Mixed Vegetables – Coconut milk² how this dish was. It was decent, but as I was almost full at this point and wanted to leave some room for the desserts, I couldn’t enjoy this dish fully. Warning – It’s not for everyone if you don’t enjoy the overwhelming taste of coconut milk in your food.
Mama’s Homemade Chocolate Cake – Mama, I want one more of this ! Droolicious !
Banoffee Pie – Lovely again ! One more again and again and again !


Extremely friendly, patient, and courteous throughout the 2.5+ hours we were there, the stewards explained about each dish whenever we wanted an explanation and helped us out in selecting which ones to try out.

There were few miscommunication and mishaps ofc, when the stewards tagged a Veg dish as non veg (Basil cups) and a non veg dish as veg (Soggy Thai Basil Fried Rice Chicken) but considering they were bringing in so many dishes for so many different tables, it could be overlooked this once. But we did make it a point to communicate this to the manager there so that they can ensure this doesn’t happen on a normal day.


Spacious but cozy, with a relaxed lighting. It’s even got outdoor seating if you want to try, though I would advice not to (especially on peak hours), thanks to the super busy Nungambakkam roads from where there is a good chance of dust coming in to disturb your lunch/dinner.


Taste: 3.5/5

Quantity: 4/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Cost: NA (It was on the house)

Overall: 3.5/5

From what I could see from the menu though, the pricing is quite on the higher side, placing Mamagoto in the fine-dining range, and for a fine-dining restaurant, there must definitely be few improvements on the food, service departments particularly.

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