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MC’s Lunchbox, Porur

Update: Got a call from the MC’s Lunchbox team, assuring me that they’ll be taking corrective action on this issue and will keep training sessions for their delivery folks (who, it appears, are outsourced) to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Keeping this in mind, updating my rating to reflect more on the food and less on the delivery.

Food: 3.5/5
Delivery: 2.5/5 (For now).

Personal opinion: Considering the efforts the team has taken to go through the feedback in detail, take corrective measures, and keep the customers informed about it, I’m more than willing to try MC’s Lunchbox again.


Tried out MC’s Lunchbox for dinner delivery last week, for 3 days. Chose the delivery time as 9 PM – 10 PM, as that’s when I’d like to have my dinner (and also because I work on the night shift).

Food: The rotis are good, the gravies are passable. VFM for the price paid (incl. delivery)
Delivery: Total fiasco.

Day 1: Delivery was made at 8.30 PM – Delivery person was insistent that I collect the food right away, and said he won’t be able to delivery on the time window I had ordered. Fine, I was around at work, so it wasn’t a issue.

Day 2: Delivery was made at 7.30 PM. Again the same story as the previous day, and the delivery person openly told me that they’ll indeed make the delivery only by 7.30 PM for my location, and not based on whatever we select in the website and that I can either collect it myself, have it collected by a friend or try elsewhere. I reported this via Facebook to Lunchbox team.

Day 3: Got a call from the team, they tried to persuade me to either come earlier for work, to suit their early delivery time (Umm, like seriously? Why even have a delivery window option in that case?) or that they’ll deliver to my home around 7.30 PM and I can start for work after they deliver (My home’s 20 Kms from work, and it takes ~ 2 hours for me to reach. So I’d have to reach work late, just so that they can delivery).

Naturally I refused both the options and told them I’ll look elsewhere and not to bother with the delivery.

Again I get a call from their person around 7.30 PM that night, asking me to come down and collect it. I informed them about the canceled order and told him I won’t need delivery from them anymore. The guy was insistent, telling they can definitely try to deliver earlier to someone else, not getting the whole point once again. I had to disconnect this time.

The cycle was starting to repeat this morning, with someone else from MC’s Lunchbox team trying to sell me the idea of having someone else collect it or me waiting for them to do an early delivery at home and then reaching my work late.

All in all, I learnt this – Never trust their delivery service to match the time preference they give on the website. They’ll deliver on their personal preference, and doesn’t mind if you’ve your food fresh/hot/cold/stale. Their personal delivery preference is what matters to them.

Rating: 1.5/5

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