Anna Nagar

Pantry d’or, Anna Nagar East

Pantry d’or, the cozy little cafe on Anna Nagar will definitely make your tongue dance. Couple of my friends and I went here few days ago, to have a chit chat over good food.

The place was very crowded and we had to wait for around 10 minutes to find a comfortable seating.

I promptly placed an order for Cream of Broccoli Soup, Veg Wrap platter, Pesto Pasta and a 12″ Margherita with Olives and Jalapenos.

The soup was the first to arrive, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration when I say it’s one of the cream soups I’ve had in recent times. It prepared our tongues for what was to be a feast.

Next came the Pesto Pasta. Oh no, next went the pesto pasta. I mean, before I could even click a pic, it was half gone. I had to openly ask my friend to leave some, so that I can click a pic and taste it. It was that heavenly and all of us loved it !

Now came the Margherita. It was 6 slices of finger-licking, droolicious heaven for us. No seriously, this is one of the awesome pizzas I’ve had in Chennai and it doesn’t bite my pocket.

Finally came the Veg Wrap Platter(which should have come first). By this time, all of us were feeling kinda full, and we managed to somehow empty the plate. The wrap was decent, but not something I’d drool over. The platter comes with the wrap, some french fries and a salad, along with a dip. The dip was too watery, watery enough to dilute its taste by a large margin.

Finally came the bill: Rs. 910 incl. of all taxes and service charge. This is a surprise for me. Considering the location, I was expecting it to be around 1200.

Service: Very friendly, polite and accommodating.

Ambiance: Good enough to have a relaxed conversation.

Overall rating:

Quantity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Cost/VFM: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

Total: 4 / 5

Do give it a try when you can, and you won’t regret it !

Pantry d'or, Anna Nagar

  • Pesto Pasta

  • Margharita

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