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The Perfect Lunch at Little Italy, Anna Nagar West

Chocolate Bomb - Little Italy
Written by Krupa

Lunch at Little Italy:

What do you get when you add boredom, hunger, and a brand new credit card? Well, my thoughts went to “some place nice” and that’s how we ended up in Little Italy located in Anna nagar West.

It was my second visit to the bright, cheerful place that has an air of sophistication about it.

The copperish brown placemats over fine wooden tables teemed with comfortable looking beige cushion chairs welcome you with grace and elegance. The place has an easy charm with beautiful looking wine bottles lined on the walls of the semi open kitchen counter. The décor was complemented by little showpieces and long stemmed wine glasses thrown artfully around and walls that were beautifully painted.

We seated ourselves in sofas and one of the smartly attired stewards rushed forward with a sleek looking hardbound menu card. I had struggle reading through the Little Italy menu as I was at a loss as to pronounce it. But the description of the dishes had worked up my appetite big time by the time I reached the desserts section.

LN and I are absolutely crazy about Little Italy’s special Cheese fondue. The very same reason why we wanted to avoid it and try something we haven’t tried yet (And the cheese fondue costs around 545 rupees which was bit of a bite in my purse).

After five minutes of deep discussion with the friendly steward looking on, we finally decided to have Zuppa Di Pomodoro, Funghi Trifolati, Crespelle , Gnocco, Tiramisu and Chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream. (Wow that’s a mouthful ain’t it, just to pronounce it?)
Zuppa Di Pomodoro was a cream of tomato soup that tasted tangy and quite ordinary.

Our starter followed, from which started my blissful gastronomic journey. Funghi Trifolati turned out be an amazing dish that had juicy mushrooms gently sautéed in a choice of Italian herbs and olive oil. It tasted with a subtle zest that tickles your taste buds just enough to anticipate your next dish with excitement.

When the next two dishes that were served, It’s suffice to say I’ll be happy to live in hell if they serve these there on a regular basis (I know I’m going to hell anyways).

Crespelle was crepes stuffed with mushrooms and everything nice, doused in a generous dose of béchamel sauce. I had to control the “mmmm…” that came out of my mouth to pass myself off as a woman with sophistication, but the Gnocco they served, made it quite a challenge. The handmade pasta stuffed with cheese and cooked in tomato sauce was a foodgasmic experience.

The Tiramisu was soft with a lovely punch which was so soft yet so intense. The chocolate bomb was the perfect end.

The way the thick molten chocolate oozed gently out of the soft interior was so captivating, so magical and it tasted magical too!

It was more like a food-course which started with bit of awkward kisses, a gentle foreplay, an intense yet sensual assault followed by a shattering climax. The soup, mushrooms, the pastas and the desserts were exactly those in that order. For the 2000 odd bucks we paid, it was every bit worth the experience.

For the extremely satisfying meal and time I would rate Little Italy a 4.5/5


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