Pind, Velachery

Went to the Pind, a Punjabi dining place at Velachery. When I entered, I was taken back with their ambience and service. A pleasant ambience and courteous staff impressed me as soon as I entered here. We chose the tables with the bamboo chairs to sit and placed our orders for a Cream of Mushroom soup, Stuffed Dhingri(Stuffed Button Mushroom), Paneer Takatak(It was a recommended item by the chef), Stuffed Naan, Roomali Roti and Tawa Ghee Phulka. Individual reviews are as follows:

Soup: Too sweet. Way too sweet. I literally emptied half of the pepper and salt shakers that they had kept in the table, and it was still too sweet. They told all the cream soups will be sweet, but it wasn’t the case in the other fine dining places I’ve been to. The sweetness spoiled the taste of the soup.

Stuffed Dhingri: No complaints here. It tasted well, not too spicy, not too bland, just fine. I liked it personally.

Paneer Takatak: I guess I expected a little too much from this dish, because it had the “Chef’s Recommended” tag to it. It was nothing out of the ordinary. Just your average Paneer in onion gravy. Nothing out of the world and definitely not worthy of being tagged as a Signature dish. No complaints on the taste, but it was too mainstream to be marked special. But I should mention here about the paneer. The paneer was very soft, but not squishy. Quite a few restaurants fail with the paneer, but Pind had done a good job.

Stuffed Naan: Naan was ok. Stuffing was very less and it tasted average. Not worth it’s price tag.

Roomali Roti: This was another disaster. The portion was quite big, almost like a 3/4 page of a newspaper, but the taste was pathetic. Rubbery and hard would be the apt words to define it. Both of us hated it.

Tawa Ghee Phulka: The Phulka was good, but I sure didn’t get even a whiff of ghee in it. I felt they had given me the plain phulka by mistake. But it was late for me already, so I just ate it.

Bill: The bill came to Rs. 728 with the service charge and taxes. For the dishes, I felt it was too high. The dishes deserved at most a total bill of some 400. So I consoled myself that I’ve paid here for the ambience, not for the dishes.


Taste: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Quantity: 4/5

Cost/Value for Money: 2/5

Overall: 3.3/5

If you’re going here, go for the ambience, not for the food. It isn’t worth the hype.

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