Pizza Republic, Mogappair

Went to PIZZA REPUBLIC at Mogappair with a friend. Had a very great experience.

Ordered a Thin Crust pizza initially(well, except for Classic Crust and Thin Crust, no other crusts were available and there weren’t much to choose from either, something that is worth improving), customized the toppings and ordered a pasta too, as the waiter said it’ll take 15 mins for the thin crust pizza to be ready and pasta will be ready in 10 minutes.

But in the end, Pizza arrived in 18 minutes, pasta arrived only after 25 mins sadly. We ordered another Classic crust pizza. It took almost 15 mins to arrive, but our bill arrived before that ! Then I had to remind the waiter about the undelivered pizza, after which he apologized and brought it immediately.

That was for the experience. As for the food, the pizzas were fine, tasted much much better than Dominoes, Pizza Hut or Pizza Corner, still not so good as Papa John’s , but very much decent. Among the best I’ve had though.

The pasta on the other hand, was, well, “Too Indian” 😛

My rating:

Food: 7.5 / 10

Service: 7 / 10

Ambience: 5 / 10 (Well the location is little crowded actually, with Chennai Public School just opposite to it, so the area was noisy in general)

Cost: 8.5/10

Overall: 7.5 / 10

Areas to improve on:

  1. PASTA

    1. If possible, add more choices for crusts, something like stuffed crusts etc
    2. The place, in my opinion, seems to be understaffed. There was only one waiter, a Mr.Peter serving us, and there was a sudden surge of students from CPS flowing in(only about half of them ordered something though, the rest were there only to make noise, play around with their friends eating etc. ) The waiter had a tough time(atleast it looked that way for me, maybe he’s familiar with them, IDK) and IMO, it’s partly the reason he forgot to bring our second pizza order.

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