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Our Rainy Visit to Shaack, Anna Nagar

Blackened Cottage Cheese Steak - Shaack
Written by Krupa

Hungry Rainy Visit to Shaack

Hunger grabs you at times when you least expect it! And that’s how we ended up in Shaack @ 4PM on a rainy day in the past. My fellow foodie has been taunting me with his Cottage cheese steak pictures for a long time and I decided it’s time to drag him by his collar and visit Shaack in the small gap that rain gave us.

After a lot of confusions and even more road blocks, we ended up in the lonely restaurant and it took us 3 minutes to pry the steward’s attention away from TLC’s broadcast of Hell’s kitchen. Once he saw us, he treated us with the kindness and courtesy expected of a steward.

We were immediately given some water in beautiful triangular glasses and a design upgraded menu card. I think now is the time to tell you that this is not my first time at Shaack, so yeah, I knew the old design of their menu card.

We mentally added cottage cheese steak to our list, gazed the glossy menu card with hunger and finally settled for a ½ portion of Wild mushroom soup, Cottage cheese steak with rice, provencal vegetables with rice and Asian deep chicken fry. Shaack has become pocket-unfriendly with time and we decided to cut the slack by cutting our dessert.

Le Food

Our wild mushroom soup arrived and the taste was everything the aroma promised it would be. The thick hot soup had a murky look with three bread pieces floating aloft. While my companion decorated it with a generous dose of pepper powder, I was content with the crushed pepper in the soup that warmed my throat and the typical mushroom taste that arrested my taste buds.

Another 5 minutes, and our Asian deep fried chicken arrived. We are ardent vegetarians with a pang for Chicken once in two months, so I may not be the right person to comment about the dish. The chicken was well cooked and had a crumb-coated surface. It was crisp and juicy but nothing was rave-worthy.

Our main course arrived shortly and I was shocked at the quantity of rice in both the dishes. It had about four spoons of rice each. Hiding my shock I tasted the tri-color Paneer that placed in a pool of tomato puree. It was like I remembered; A deep fried coating on top, a subtle blend of spinach and cheese sandwiched in between a similar layer of Paneer as the top.

While I indulged in that, my companion stole a piece from and in an offer of great gallantry passed his dish to me and took mine.

One bite into the Provencal vegetables and I knew his reasons. He’s not a big fan of curry based dishes and in a moment of madness, I agreed to exchange the dish with him.

It was an amalgamation of different vegetables like Carrots, Beans, Broccoli and the like. The gravy had a sweet tinge with a dash of spice, which made it feel very nice in my mouth. Though the vegetables were good, it’s not something you can eat without a generous dose of rice. Thanks to Shaack’s rice quantity I had to leave half of my vegetables untouched.

Service and Ambiance

Since we were the only the customers we let our chef take his own sweet time to serve us his dishes. To kill time, I leisurely appraised the familiar surroundings. Shaack has a throw of red here and there with their artistically placed props. Dry canvas paintings adore the smooth white walls that blend beautifully with the tall glass windows that have artificial water flow rippling elegantly over them. From the pattern-rope ceiling to the glass bowl that held an orange daisy blossom, everything was inviting and elegant.

After lots of hand waves and embarrassed excuse me-s we had our bill printed and card swiped. We left our stomach satisfied, but heart – Ummm…Not that much. While Shaack still provides tasty food, the reducing quantity. inattentive service and increasing price definitely give you second thoughts.

For our experience, I would rate Shaack a 3.5/5

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