Hola Amigos!

Welcome to TechieFoodie, where I’ll be writing down my notes on what I learn about food. I originally ran TechieFoodie as a blog and FB page, where I wrote restaurant reviews and treated it like my personal food journal.

As time went by, I grew disenchanted by the whole food scene where reviews were no longer treated as a means to get constructive feedback but as a means for marketing. There was no dearth of takers ready to give a positive review in return for sponsored food. It went against my ethics, and after trying to be picky about who I work with, I called it quits and shut down the blog altogether. The blog also had non-sponsored reviews (reviews where I had paid for the food, where I had gone without an invite, which, in fact, made up more than 60% of the reviews). However, my identity as the TechieFoodie wasn’t something I was able to let go of.

Blogging is a form of expression. It was almost therapeutic for me when I was doing it without any expectations. I couldn’t let go of how much of a stress buster it was for me back in the days of running TechieFoodie before the whole sponsored-reviews scene exploded.

Food is an integral part of all of us, and I wanted to do something that’d improve my knowledge about food while also letting me tell food stories.

Finally, the idea clicked - a side project that I dropped was to write the backstory of various food items from different cultures. It would help me learn about food and create a wishlist of sorts to hopefully eat someday.

I’ll be using TechieFoodie to tell these stories. As a disclaimer, I may or may not have personally eaten most of these food items - but a good story is still possible without actually tasting it. I’ll try to keep it as authentic as possible for my own sake.

Hopefully, I can keep this up and find the mental release I seek for :)

Until then, Adios Amigos!