Shanghai Annachi, Nungambakkam

Milagai Paneer Varuval


We, being a bunch of crazy foodies, wanted to catch up for a chat and some good food after the few looong weeks. We polled few dozens of options and finally (and dictatorially) decided on Shanghai Annachi, a Chettinese (Chettinad-Chinese) restaurant in Nungambakkam.

Event invites were sent out for 12.00 PM, earliest arrival was 12.30, I went in around 1.30 and my dear friend Ajit, saved my face by coming in later than I did 😀

Surprisingly, people were just getting started with their orders then. Me and my compadre-in-food duly ordered for a Milagai Paneer varuval, Chicken Karandi, Veg Kothu Parotta.

Milagai Paneer Varuval – Imagine a slightly sour paneer bajji with all spicyness missing. That’s what this was. Y’all Milagai was missing in the Milagai Paneer Varuval :/ At Rs. 190, it was a total disappointment.

Chicken Karandi – Cold, Average: that’s how my friends who tasted dish rated it. It’s basically a fusion of Chicken and Omelette (As one of my other friends said – Both parent and kid in the same plate) . At Rs. 140+ taxes, you’d be better off having a genuine omelette elsewhere.

Veg Kothu Parotta – Except for extra spice, I couldn’t fathom a single reason for this dish to be priced at anything above Rs. 50 (or Rs. 70 considering Shanghai Annachi is in Nungambakkam, a premium locality). But alas, it was Rs. 150, and thus most definitely failed in the VFM section. Tastewise, it was pretty okay (About the same as Rs. 40 Kothu Parottas I’ve had in mid range hotels)

Even after this experience, my brave and adventurous compadre wanted to try a Elaneer Pudding (Tender Coconut Pudding). 

When it came, it was pretty good as a pudding, with a sweet taste and all – Only the tender coconut was missing of course. I’m sure it took a short break to visit its friends and will be back soon, since a tender coconut pudding won’t be the same without tender coconut no?

Ambiance: Nothing noteworthy, except for the fact that it had nothing to relate to its name.

Service: Personally, I found the stewards to be friendly and polite in taking the orders. No complaints here.

Overall: Very average place, attempting to do something different. Only that Shanghai was missing and it was just Annachi in the end. 

My share worked out to Rs. 750 in total, and I honestly felt it wasn’t worth more than half that amount at best.


Taste: 2/5

VFM: 2/5

Quantity: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 2.5/5

Non vegetarians have few options for rejoicing, Vegetarians – Pity on you poor souls.

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