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A Near Perfect Sunday Dinner with LunchPi

A Dinner Date with LunchPi

Making dinner is a grueling process when you have a kitchen that feels like a baking oven. We decided to give it a break and order some dinner. The first thing that came to my mind was LunchPi. I had a coupon from Chennai Bloggers Club for 250 rupees. After a few Whatsapp conversations, menu selection and general pondering we decided to settle for a Non -veg Thali and a Penne Alfredo Veg.

I received a call from the LunchPi delivery person around 9.30 asking for a landmark. He turned up twenty-five minutes later to the place that would nominally take around 10 minutes (Our delivery man was one elusive superhero with a wonder phone 😀 – A phone that was “switched off or not reachable” but one that miraculously called me back after 20 minutes).

Stomachs growling like hungry Wolves, we sat for dinner at 10PM. The two neatly packed cardboard boxes were thicker than an average Dominoes pizza box. The green and white decorated box held our food in perfectly packed aluminium foils. The package was a perfect 5/7 (IFYKWIM).

The first spoon of pasta that touched my mouth was enough to forget all the delivery glitches. The Penne Alfredo was creamy and delectable. The subtle flavor of Broccoli and thinly sliced Onions was quite a treat to my senses. The Pasta was everything it could be and should be.

We moved onto the Non-Veg Thali which had 2 Butter Naans, Hara Moong Dhal, Kadai Chicken, Jeera Rice, Raitha, and Carrot Halwa. The Naans were aromatic and easy on the stomach. The Hara Moong Dhal complemented the subtle flavored Jeera Rice wonderfully. It was a tad too spicy for my taste buds but my brother guffawed at my opinion (Well, you have to agree with your brother; otherwise your piece of Butter naan disappears miraculously).

Kadai Chicken was the group favourite. It was tangy, zesty and spicy all at once. The Raitha was quite usual and the Carrot Halwa missed the spot only by a very slight margin. It tasted dry with the Carrot still retaining some of its raw flavour.

One amazing thing about our LunchPi dinner was the quality. With three more Idlies added to our dinner that was three tummies laughing whole-heartedly. For the 40 bucks we paid (+ Rs. 250 from the coupon) it was one of the perfect & relaxed Sunday dinners I’ve had.

For their palatable food and neat packing I rate LunchPi a 4/5

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