Tadka Talk, Velachery

First restaurant to get 5/5 from me!

Chef Arora has nailed it!

Went with my girl here. We ordered an Ambi Panna and Matha for Aperitif, then the Tadka Talk Kebab Tasting Menu(I always fall for the Tikkas and Kebabs) initially.

Ambi Panna tasted great. But the speciality was Matha. I never knew Buttermilk could taste so good,especially when you consider that am a great fan of Buttermilk and I’ve tasted it almost in every place I’ve been to, provided they serve it.

Then came the Kebab platter. And I was like OMG!

The kebabs were the best I’ve ever tasted so far. They make one’s mouth drool just by looking at them.

Then we ordered a Lahori Subji Biriyani. It arrived promptly and I was surprised to see so many side dishes like Raitha, Papads, Pickle and Onions being served along with it. I mean, most restaurants serve only the raitha, that too, only a small quantity. But here, it was sufficient for two people.

During all this, Chef Arora himself visited us twice. Once to welcome us and the second time to get our feedback on the Kebab platter. When we asked for the bill, we were surprised to get a Dessert as a compliment from the Chef! I forgot its name(I didn’t ask for it actually 😛 ) but just like the other stuff, this one was also great.

Now for the service.To put it in a line, this was among the best service we had received. The staff were polite, courteous and attentive.

Finally the bill came, we paid it off and the Chef came to ask our opinion on how our experience was, apart from collecting our feedback through a card given along with the bill.

In the end, I understood what makes Tadka Talk a Premium restaurant. One can serve quality food only if they have the passion to do it. You cannot produce such high quality food if you see this as a business.

Chef Arora is one such gem, who has got a great passion for food. His passion is reflected in the variety of food they serve as well as its quality.

Now for the ratings:

Ambience: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Quantity: 10/10
Cost(Value for Money): 10/10
Service: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

I would recommend this place to everyone I know.

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